Nico Darkholme -aka Kid Mimic
-the Power Mimic Kid

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*copy's your power* Your power's, my power now
Nico Darkholme
Your power's, my power now I can take more than one
the Power Mimicry Kid
Kid Mimic
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive; 14
Powers power Mimicry
Other statistics
Eye Color Blue(changes to orange when copying a power)
Hair Color Blue
Group X-Men
Location Xavier's School For Gifted Youngster's



Power Mimicry: his mutant physiology gave him blue hair and dark blue nails. Nico is able to duplicate another super-powered powers.This ability actually functioned in a sponge-like way, meaning that Nico would begin to mimic another person just by being near them, sometimes involuntarily. The extent of the transfer depended on the length of exposure. When Nico copies a power he always remembers it, he can also only remember six abilities at a time. The following list are the abilities Nico permentaly copied:

  • Telepathy- the Sixth Light
  • Pyrokinesis- a Fire Mutant
  • Flight- unknown
  • Ambient Energy Conversion- Child of Alex Summers
  • Telekinesis- Phoenix
  • Superhuman Strength- unknown