Professor Mozart A. Mane
"Welcome students, please sit down and I will begin the lesson"

-Prof. Mane

Professor Mane
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive, 25
Powers Adaptation
Other statistics
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Group X-Men
Location Xaviers School


On March 15th, 1992, in New York City I was born. I was named Mozart, after my fathers favorite composer. My parents loved me as much as a parent could, then, on my thirteenth birthday somthing horrible and spectacular happened.

Me and my parents were up late celebrating my birthday when someone broke in the door. I recognised him as a robber, and he quickly shot a bullet at me. I closed my eyes, knowing I would die- then sommething happened. My skin turned hard, harder than metal, and the bullet bounced off it without doing me any harm. The robber lifted his gun to shoot my parents, but somehow I made the man drop his gun.

I ran away in shock of what I had done, and after a day or so, my parents called the police to look for me. I kept running away, for I thought that I was a monster. Eventually, the police made me run off a cliff. Then I grew wings.

Over the years I kept running, and kept somehow adapting to everything, until I found the one place that would accept me. The Xavier School.

There I met many friends, such as Caleb, Tamara and Meg. At the age of twenty one I graduated the institute and became a professor, teaching the gym class.