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Apple -aka Boom
-Pranking Queen

Apple Prescott
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"Lalala not listenin!" - Apple to a villian
Vital statistics
Title Pranking Queen
Gender Female
Race Mutant
Faction -
Health Good
Level Intermediate
Status Alive; 16
Location Xavier's Institute


Apple always had a hard life. Her mother left when she was three, and her father sent her and her two older brothers to their grandparents. Her real name is unknown, but her brothers nicknamed her Apple, which she was fine with. Her grandparents found that her older brothers had mutant powers, so they kicked them out when she was 7 and the trio lived on the streets for many years. Sadly, her brothers were caught by the MRD and killed shortly after resisting. Young Apple's powers did not develop until right after witnessing her brother's deaths, she became sad and depressed, but then decided something. She would be sad for 10 seconds then be happy almost the rest of her life. Everything she did, she would be positive about it and grew happier from her pain. Her powers developed, and she grew to have a rebellious nature, since she could blow things up with little crystals coming out of her hands. She also grew to love art and music, She was named Boom girl by the police when she became wanted for graffiti, but she hated that name. She was later asked into Xavier's Institute after some fellow mutants saw her reports on the news. She is currently living there, but occasionally skips the school to go on the streets and do some graffiti...


Little bombs - She can create plasma calls from her hands, which explode (either violently or mild, depending on how big) shortly after. She loves using these for playing pranks and causing trouble.


Apple has short platinum blonde hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She absolutely loves wearing neon and printy but hates girly clothing. She dresses in vintage yet modern clothing and dispises the use of dresses. Her appearance is overall very crazy and unpredictable.


Apple loves life and everything in it but also hates alo of things about life (like mondays). She may be positive most of the time, but she has her days (again, like mondays). She also has a big rebellious and flirtatious side. She does whatever, whenever, is a bit tom-boyish, and has LOADS of confidence. She is SUPER sarcastic and LOVES cracking jokes, even at tense times. Playing pranks are her specialty and she will do then until she dies. She hates trends, rules, and just loves being free and wild. Art is practically her life and she spends most of her free time doing graffiti.